Eri Silk

Eri silk is a fine ,dense & coarse fabric which absorbs moisture and has good elasticity .It is durable, strong & soft . It gives dull & wool like finish, wrinkleless , drapes well & blends with cotton ,wool, jute & other silk. It has thermal properties.

Uses of Eri silk fabric

  • Eri silk can easily blend with wool, cotton, other silk fibres, jute and even the synthetic fibres while weaving. Due to its quality a large number of Eri blend fabrics can be produced.
  • Eri is mostly used for the preparation of wraps. The thermal property of Eri silk makes it suitable fabric for scarves, shawls, jackets & blankets.
  • Eri silk has a typical texture; hence it is widely used in home furnishing & upholstery. Dress material & baby dresses are also made from Eri fabric because of its soft texture and moisture absorbent quality. The woolly feel adds to the comfort.

Eri Fabrics


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